1. Single & MultiDrop Delivery

Our single and multi-drop delivery services ensure all our clients parcels are delivered at a specific time. We are here to help you make the journey smoother and hassle free. Have you got parcels that needs delivering? Contact us today. Our multi-drop service will optimise your deliveries, improve your business efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. We can optimise goods to be delivered at specific time or just sequential deliveries, depending on your needs. 


2. Logistics Services

Hannora Ltd Logistics Services covers all the elements of supply chain, including transportation, distribution of goods, and order fulfilment.  

3. Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management scheme aim to meet the requirements of all our clients by handling transportation of goods from the producers to the final consumers, adding values to our clients is our priority, improving their financial position, reducing operating costs from procurement activities, through operations and logistics functions.

supply chain mgmt